Far away from Earth, in the deep of the universe, a galaxy is ruled by Gods and half-Gods. Choms young queen Daria is the child of them all.
Raised on Earth and her true destiny evolving on Chom, she has to fight hard to keep the balance between mortals and immortals.
The Chronicles of Chom is the story of her life.


For half of her life Daria was looking for a unique man: a man that would be able to give her what she needs and satisfy her hunger and desire for love. But no one she ever met on Earth could give her what she wanted.
On his home planet Chom, Passio is known notoriously for his countless affairs and his rough life as the leader of the caste of war. No one believes that this wild warrior can be tamed. But then he gets new orders: find the long lost young Queen and bring her back to Chom…

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Accompanied by the leader of the warrior caste of the Katee’Lhi, Daria is making her way to her new home – Planet Chom. Though she had to leave a lot behind on Earth, her eyes are shining bright and full of hope after discovering that Passio is the type of partner, friend and lover she was always longing for.
Passio on the other side can hardly believe his luck. The young Queen has a deep desire and a burning love for him. Yet, he has mixed feelings about the situation: Will their relationship be accepted by the Katee’Lhi? Daria is not only the future Queen, she is a godess, where his ancestry is nothing but a big mystery.
And what both of them are unaware of: the Gods want to get involved in the situation more than they ever did as especially one of them has a very keen interest in the young Queen.

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